Here at Film Maker Production House work is done as a team with the involvement of key personnel at every level. Naturally this ensures diligence from the entire workforce and a standard of production distinguishable from that of other production houses by its organization, creativity and groundbreaking solutions to production problems. Witness the numerous awards our methods have reaped.

Taking the lead is Mohamed Sarwat, Executive Producer and Director. His vast experience in the production of commercials, music videos, episodic television and TV shows ensures that attention to detail, professionalism and quality for which the company is famous. He began working for Tarek Nour Communications in 1989, became General Manager and Executive Producer for Tarek Nour Gulf in 1991 and since then has worked as General Manager for Amacom Agency and more recently General Manager and Head of Production Team for TBWA\ RO'YA Marketing and Advertising Agency, Egypt 1996. He is considered one of the best leaders in the field and is known for encouraging all Members of his team to achieve excellence with every project.